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Becoming Catholic #11: Which “gospel”? Which “biblical”?

The two meta-questions that framed all my other questions about the “vexing verses” were: what is actually “the gospel,” and what is actually “biblical”?  I was haunted by these questions for more than a decade before I read a single word by a Catholic.  But my love of the Bible, my burning desire to understand it, my inability to make sense of so much of it within a protestant framework, alongside the appeals made to it as the authority behind wildly divergent and contradictory theologies, compelled me to dig deeper.

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Faith of the Founders #3: Washington's God-Saturated Inaugural Address

[T]he first Inaugural Address of our first President acknowledged, addressed, and supplicated God in the most reverent terms. Biblical concepts of God’s rule over the nations, His blessings for righteous behavior, and His continuing guidance of the new nation are emphatically asserted. It is undeniable that in his first great act as President, Washington intended to involve not just his countrymen, but God, in the event.

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