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This Ancient Roman Senator Described the Downfall of His Republic—And it Sounds A Lot Like Ours

Cicero’s warnings about the downfall of his own Republic, delivered just several years before it finally fell with Caesar’s “crossing of the Rubicon,” should be of the utmost import to those of us who are citizens of the American Republic, it’s most closely related political posterity.

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Faith of the Founders #3: Washington's God-Saturated Inaugural Address

[T]he first Inaugural Address of our first President acknowledged, addressed, and supplicated God in the most reverent terms. Biblical concepts of God’s rule over the nations, His blessings for righteous behavior, and His continuing guidance of the new nation are emphatically asserted. It is undeniable that in his first great act as President, Washington intended to involve not just his countrymen, but God, in the event.

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