“Joshua Charles is a living, breathing reason for optimism for the United States.” 

—Dennis Prager (Nationally Syndicated Radio Host)

“Joshua Charles has done exceptional work for the Museum of the Bible.” 

—Steve Green (CEO, Hobby Lobby; Founder, Museum of the Bible)

“Joshua Charles is one of the great researchers in America concerning the Bible’s role in the founding of this country, the role of the Founding Fathers and the impact of the Bible on the world…a topnotch individual who does topnotch work.”

—Cary Summers (President, Museum of the Bible)

“As I kept reading [Liberty’s Secrets], I noticed that I was feeling something.  A change. A different perspective. A re-direction.  I was experiencing the feelings that always accompany greatness…Everyone needs to read this book.” 

—Oliver DeMille (Bestselling author; CEO, Thomas Jefferson Education)

“Joshua Charles eloquently reveals religion and virtue as ‘liberty’s sentinels’ and as the ‘anchors of the soul’ that forge the ‘moral constitution’ of our country and wider world. We ignore this book’s insights at our peril.” 

—Paul Kengor, PhD (Historian; Professor, Grove City College)

“Joshua is a true professional…[we] offer our highest endorsement.” 

—Chris Hudson (President, Hudson Bible)

“Joshua Charles skillfully articulates the principles of our Founders to describe what is needed for a democratic society, then and now.” 

—David Armstrong (President, Thomas More College)

“I recommend Josh with any group that needs an upbeat, thoughtful, motivating and well thought out speaker to motivate, encourage, and solidify their thinking on key issues of our time.” 

—Jim McCormick (VP of Student Life, Colorado Christian University)

“Brilliant and judicious.”

—Michael Brown, PhD (Nationally Syndicated Radio Host; Biblical Scholar)

“He brings fresh insights to the ideas that defined our nation and shaped our founding documents.  He is, in my mind, a young Thomas Paine making the case for Liberty again.” 


“I have found Joshua to be an incredibly intelligent, hardworking young man.  I witnessed firsthand his passion for history and believe that America needs many more young people like him.” 

—Glenn Beck (Nationally Syndicated Radio Host)

“Young people of his caliber are rare, and it is men and women like him who will help direct the course of this nation for the future.”

—Sam Brownback (Former U.S. Senator and Governor of Kansas)

“If this country is to endure as a treasured home to people of diverse religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, then we must re-acquaint ourselves with the core beliefs that lie at the foundation of that home. Joshua Charles is a reliable guide to this foundation—the ‘lost wisdom’ of the Founders.” 

—Kevin Schmiesing, PhD (Research Fellow, Acton Institute)

“Joshua Charles has done something unique for a member of his generation.  He has intensively engaged with primary sources so as to investigate the minds of the American founders.  The result is a book which captures some significant resonances from their thinking. Readers will gain a better understanding of how a people who hope to enjoy liberty and self-government, must also acquaint themselves with religion and virtue.” 

—Hunter Baker, PhD (Dean, Union University)

“History is not dead, nor is it for the dead.  History is living and Joshua Charles makes it vibrantly alive in his book Liberty’s Secrets.  I read it, lived it, and loved it.  Dive deep into this glorious constitutional and historical tour de force.  America needs to understand our story and this book will make it real for you.” 

—John Jackson, PhD (President, William Jessup University)

“Joshua’s talent as a speaker is in sharing his wisdom on our history without it feeling as though we are in a lecture.  He touched our audience by sharing personal experiences in his life throughout his speech. His candor made our large event feel so intimate.  While the subject matter was serious, he brought humor to it. I give my highest recommendation for Joshua Charles. He is an inspiring and passionate speaker.”

—David Midura (Chairman, San Joaquin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast)

“He had a room full of people mesmerized as he gave his presentation.  I had more people come up to me afterwards and thank me for having Joshua speak to us than I have had for any other speaker we have had during my Presidency.  He was extremely effective and did an expert job of handling the questions that came his way when he was finished with his talk.”

—Marc Horner (President, Kansas City Rotary Club)