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Did God Prevent the Rebuilding of the Jewish Temple?

I recently discovered an extremely fascinating historical event I had never heard about: apparently, there was a serious attempt to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem after it was destroyed in AD 70.  Not only that, but the attempt was thwarted by an odd series of seemingly cataclysmic events: fire burst forth from the foundations, along with a great earthquake, preventing the workers from completing their work.  The project was abandoned.  Some accounts include assertions that the sign of the cross appeared in the sky, as well as on the garments of the workers.

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Was John Adams a Zionist?

So what was Adams? Philo-Semitic? Anti-Semitic?  Zionist?  Most historical figures don’t fit neatly into our present categories, and the same is true of John Adams.  But there can be no doubt that he was a great admirer of the Jews, and that he looked forward to the day when they would be re-established as a nation in their ancient homeland of Judea.

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