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Medieval Muslim Historian: Low Taxes Build, High Taxes Destroy Civilization

Ibn Khaldûn isn’t exactly a household name—but he should be, especially for conservatives, classical liberals, and libertarian…In short, Khaldûn believed that low taxes helped build civilization, and high taxes helped destroy civilization.  Not only that, but he observed that lower taxes tended to bring in more revenue, while higher taxes tended to bring in less revenue.

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Islam Has Always Embraced "Holy War": Some Surprising Confirmations

It would seem that long before 9/11, long before the fall of the mighty Ottoman Empire, long before CAIR, long before the CIA, long before the advent of the American Empire, long before there were those in the present who who dared to conclude that Islam’s relationship with war was a bit too cozy for comfort, that Muslims themselves not only confirmed this fact, but were proud of it.

I didn’t say it. They did.

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