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This Nazi Mocked God—God Got the Last Laugh

Goebbels mocked the idea that the Old Testament curses of Yahweh against the enemies of the Jewish people were of any concern…But not even six years later, the “Thousand Year Reich” was in the ash heap of history, and the State of Israel was reborn as the national home of the Jewish people after their nearly 2,000 years of exile from the Land of Israel.

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Solzhenitsyn's Chilling Warning to College Students Tempted by Socialism

“All you freedom-loving “left-wing” thinkers in the West!  You left laborites!  You progressive American, German, and French students!  As far as you are concerned, none of this amounts to much.  As far as you are concerned, this whole book of mine is a waste of effort.  You may suddenly understand it all someday—but only when you yourselves hear “hands behind your backs there!” and step ashore on our Archipelago.”

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This Ancient Roman Senator Described the Downfall of His Republic—And it Sounds A Lot Like Ours

Cicero’s warnings about the downfall of his own Republic, delivered just several years before it finally fell with Caesar’s “crossing of the Rubicon,” should be of the utmost import to those of us who are citizens of the American Republic, it’s most closely related political posterity.

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