After nearly 30 years of devout protestantism, I began reading the Church Fathers for the first time in 2017. They were some of the earliest Christian leaders: popes, bishops, priests, theologians, apologists, etc. Some of them were even discipled by the Apostles themselves.

What I found blew me away: instead of finding Christians who thought and sounded like me, I found that they sounded quite different—they were Catholic. They taught Catholic doctrine, they engaged in Catholic practices, and they operated according to Catholic assumptions. Studying their writings eventually led to my decision to become Catholic.

Many people have asked me which works of the Church Fathers played a role in my conversion. So I decided to compile a comprehensive list of the Church Fathers who not only helped lead me to my decision to convert, but whose words continue to enlighten my mind and heart, and which constantly confirm my decision to come into full communion with the Catholic Church—the same Church to which they belonged.

I’ve arranged the list by century, then by person. Documents from Popes and Councils will always be found on the lower left of each section. I’ve also included some of the apocryphal documents, because they often continued to reflect a Catholic understanding on many matters (for example, the normative nature of episcopacy and priesthood).

This list will continue to be updated. In the meantime, you can read many of the Church Fathers’ works for free at sites like New Advent and Early Christian Writings. (Updated June 17, 2019)

First Century

POPE CLEMENT OF ROME (c. 88-97/101)
Epistle to the Corinthians (c. 80)

Didache (c. 50)
Shepherd of Hermas

Second Century

On the Apostolic Preaching

Against Heresies (c. 180)
Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V

On Pascha



The Prescription Against Heretics
On Repentance
The Apology
On Baptism
De carne Christi
De virginibus velandis

Dogmatic Declaration on the Incarnate Word

Epistle to the Philadelphians (c. 107)
Epistle to the Smyrnaeans (c. 107)
Epistle to the Ephesians (c. 107)
Epistle to the Magnesians (c. 107)
Epistle to the Trallians (c. 107)
Epistle to the Romans (c. 107)
Epistle to Polycarp

Epistle to the Philippians (c. 110-40)

Epistle to Diognetus (c. 130)


First Apology
Second Apology
The Discourse to the Greeks
Hortatory Address to the Greeks
On the Sole Government of God
On the Resurrection, Fragments

Epistle to Gregory
Homily on Luke, No. 8
Commentary on John, No. 1
Against Celsus

Third Century

The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles
The Liturgy of James

Christ and Antichrist
On the Blessings of the Patriarchs

POPE CORNELIUS (March 251-June/September 253)
To Cyprian of Carthage: Quantam sollicitudinem (AD 251)
To Fabius of Antioch (AD 251)

POPE STEPHEN I (May, 254-August 2, 257)
To Cyprian of Carthage, fragment (Baptism of Heretics)
To Bishops of Asia Minor, fragment (same)

POPE DIONYSIUS (July 22, 259/60-December, 268)
To Dionysius of Alexandria, fragment (AD 262)

Protoevangelium of James
The Death of Pilate
Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
The Acts of Philip
Acts and Martyrdom of the Holy Apostle Andrew
Acts of Andrew and Matthias
Acts of Peter and Andrew
Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle
Acts of the Holy Apostle Thomas
Consummation of Thomas the Apostle
Martyrdom of the Holy and Glorious Apostle Bartholomew
Acts of the Holy Apostle Thaddeus
Acts of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian

Book of Testimonies

No. 1: On the Unity of the Church
No. 3: On the Lapsed
No. 4: On the Lord’s Prayer
No. 8: On Works and Alms

No. 2, from the Roman to the Carthaginian Church
No. 3, To the Clergy of the Roman Church
No. 4, To the Presbyters and Deacons
No. 12, To the Clergy, Concerning the Lapsed/Catechumens
No. 13, To the Clergy
No. 16, from the Confessors
No. 17, To the Presbyters and Deacons
No. 18, from Caldonius to Cyprian
No. 19, To Caldonius
No. 23, To the Clergy, on the Letters Sent to Rome
No. 26, To the Lapsed
No. 27, To the Presbyters and Deacons
No. 28, To the Presbyters and Deacons Abiding at Rome
No. 31, To the Carthaginian Clergy
No. 34, To the Clergy and People
No. 35, To the Clergy, Concerning the Care of the Poor/Strangers
No. 38, from Caldonius
No. 40, To Pope Cornelius
No. 42, To Pope Cornelius
No. 43, To the Roman Confessors
No. 44, To Pope Cornelius, Concerning Polycarp
No. 46, To Pope Cornelius
No. 47, from Pope Cornelius
No. 48, To Pope Cornelius, Concerning the Crimes of Novatus
No. 49, from Maximus and Other formerly Schismatic Confessors
No. 50, To Maximus and Other formerly Schismatic Confessors
No. 60, To Euchratius, About an Actor
No. 62, To Caecilius, on the Sacrament of the Cup of the Lord
No. 65, To the Clergy and People at Furni
No. 66, To Pope Stephen, Concerning Marcianus of Arles
No. 71, To Pope Stephen, Concerning a Council
No. 79, from Felix and the Rest of the Martyrs
No. 81, To Successus
No. 82, To the Clergy and People

Fourth Century

On the Spirit

Letter to Constantius

Catechetical Lectures
Lecture 1: To Those Who are to Be Enlightened
Lecture 2: On Repentance and Remission of Sins, and Concerning the Adversary
Lecture 3: On Baptism
Lecture 4: On the Ten Points of Doctrine
Lecture 5: On Faith
Lecture 6: Concerning the Unity of God
Lecture 7: On “The Father” in the Creed
Lecture 8: On “Almighty” in the Creed
Lecture 9: On (Creation Definitions of) the Creed
Lecture 11: On (Christological Definitions of) the Creed
Lecture 18: On the One Holy Catholic Church, Resurrection, Eternal Life
Lecture 19: First Lecture on the Mysteries
Lecture 20: On Baptism
Lecture 21: On Chrism
Lecture 22: On the Body and Blood of Christ
Lecture 23: On the Sacred Liturgy and Communion

Mystagogical Lectures
Lecture 1: On the Mysteries
Lecture 2: The Rites of the Inner Chamber
Lecture 3: The Holy Chrism
Lecture 4: The Eucharist (I), the Body and Blood of Christ
Lecture 5: The Eucharist (II), the Liturgy

Church History (from AD 323-425)

On the Holy Spirit
On the Holy Generation of Christ
Against Eunomius
On Humility
Commentary on Psalm 45

No. 260
No. 261

On the Councils, or the Faith of the Easterns
On the Trinity
In Matthaeum
Tractatus super Psalmum 118
Hymn on Christ

Hymn No. 1

Two Instructions to Candidates for Baptism
Epistles Between Pope Innocent and Bishop Chrysostom
The Changing of Names
The Obscurity of Prophecies

On Psalm 44
On Isaiah 7

Homilies on Genesis
No. 49

Homilies on Matthew
No. 4
No. 5
No. 44

Homilies on John
No. 21

Church History (from AD 305-439)

Sermo ad noct. Resurr.
Sermon on Our Lord
Carmina Nisibena

Hymns on the Church
Hymn No. 36

Hymns on the Crucifixion
Hymn No. 4

Hymns on the Nativity
Hymn No. 4
Hymn No. 16

The City of God
The Confessions
The Trinity

The Enchiridion
The Christian Combat
Christian Doctrine
On the Catechizing of the Uninstructed
On Faith and the Creed
Concerning Faith of Things Not Seen
On the Profit of Believing
On the Creed: A Sermon to Catechumens
On the Morals of the Catholic Church
The Correction of the Donatists
On Grace and Free Will
On the Gift of Perseverance
Faith, Hope, and Charity
In Answer to the Jews

No. 51
No. 186 (Feast of the Nativity)
No. 195 (Feast of the Nativity)
No. 205 (Lent)
No. 206 (Lent)
No. 207 (Lent)
No. 219 (Easter Vigil)
No. 220 (Easter Vigil)
No. 229 (Eastern Season)

No. 2, To Zenobius
No. 5, from Nebridius
No. 24, To Alypius from Paulinus
No. 32, To Romanianus, etc., from Paulinus
No. 45, To Paulinus and Therasia
No. 49, To Honoratus
No. 52, To Severinus
No. 53, To Generosus
No. 56, To Celer
No. 57, To Celer
No. 94, To Paulinus and Therasia
No. 116, To Generosus
No. 123, from Jerome
No. 132, To Volusianus
No. 146, To Pelagius
No. 163, from Evodius
No. 195, from Jerome
No. 212, To Quintilianus
No. 237, To Ceretius
No. 249, To Nobilius

On the Hypapante
On the Birth of Christ
On Christmas

Poems About Others
Moral Poems, No. 1

No. 9
No. 10
No. 13
No. 20
No. 35

No. 24
No. 29
No. 38

No. 101

POPE JULIUS I (February 6, 337-April 12, 352)
To the Antiochenes (341)

POPE LIBERIUS (May 17, 352-September 24, 366)
Acts of Pope Liberius on the Question of the Semiarians
Letter to the Eastern Bishops: Studens paci
First Profession of Faith of Sirmium
(351; subscribed to in 357)
To the Eastern Bishops: Pro deifico
To Ursacius, Valens, and Germinius: Quia scio
To Vicentius: Non docea

POPE DAMASUS I (October 1, 366-December 11, 384)
To the Eastern Bishops, fragments (c. 374)
To Paulinus of Antioch: Per filium meum (375)
To the Eastern Bishops (c. 378)

POPE SIRICIUS (c. December 384-November 26, 399)
To Himerius of Tarragona: Directa ad decessorem

POPE ANASTASIUS I (November 27, 399-c. 402)
To Venerius of Milan: Dat mihi (c. 401)

Synod of Elvira (c. 300-303)
First Synod of Arles

Synod of Serdica (c. 343)
Letter of Synod to Pope Julius I: Quod semper
(c. 343)

Council of Nicaea (325)
Nicene Creed
Synodal Letter to the Egyptians

Council of Constantinople I (381)
The Constantinopolitan Creed

Synod of Rome (382)
Tomus Damasi
Decretum Damasi

Third Synod of Carthage (397)

On the Incarnation
Deposition of Arius
Against the Arians
The Trinity
The Council of Nicaea
Illud Omnia
Encyclical Letter
Synodal Letter (Tomus ad Antiochenos)
Synodal Letter (ad Afros)
Homily of the Papyrus of Turin
Letter to Virgins
De virginitate

No. 1, Festal Letter (AD 329)
No. 2, Festal Letter (AD 330)
No. 3, Festal Letter (AD 331)
No. 4, Festal Letter (AD 332)
No. 5, Festal Letter (AD 333)
No. 17, Festal Letter (AD 345)
No. 22, Festal Letter (AD 350)
No. 24, Festal Letter (AD 352)
No. 27, Festal Letter (AD 355)
No. 28, Festal Letter (AD 356)
No. 29, Festal Letter (AD 357)
No. 39, Festal Letter (AD 367)
No. 40, Festal Letter (AD 368)
No. 42, Festal Letter (AD 370)
No. 43, Festal Letter (AD 371)
No. 44, Festal Letter (AD 372)
No. 45, Festal Letter (AD 373)

No. 46, Ad Ecclesias Mareoticas
No. 47, Ad Ecclesiam Alexandriae
No. 48, Ad Amun
No. 49, Ad Dracontium
No. 50, Ad Luciferum
No. 51, Ad Luciferum
No. 52, Ad monachos
No. 53, Ad monachos
No. 54, Ad Serapionem de morte Arii
No. 55, Ad Rufinianum
No. 56, Ad Imperatorem Jovianum
No. 57, Ad Orsisium
No. 58, Ad Orsisium
No. 59, Ad Epictetum
No. 60, Ad Adelphium
No. 61, Ad Maximum philosophum
No. 62, Ad Joannem at Antiochum
No. 63, Ad Palladium
No. 64, Ad Diodorum

On the Death of Satyrus
On the Mysteries
On Repentance
Concerning Virgins
Memorial to Symmachus
On Faith
Sermon Against Auxentius
Expositio in Lucam
De benedictionibus patriarcharum
De Incarnationis dominicae sacramento
Enarratio in Psalmum 39
Epistles Against Epictetum

No. 17, To Valentinian II
No. 18, To Valentinian II
No. 20, To Marcellina as to the Arian Party
No. 21, To Valentinian II
No. 22, To Marcellina
No. 40, To Theodosius on the burning of a synagogue
No. 41, To Marcelinna
No. 42
No. 51, To Theodosius after the Massacre at Thessalonica
No. 52, To Eugeneius
No. 61, To Theodosius after his victory over Eugenius
No. 62, To Theodosius, urging him to be merciful
No. 63, To the Church at Vercellae

No. 4: Against Nestorius
No. 11

On Luke
On John

Letter II to Nestorius (Council of Ephesus)

On Pilgrimages
Life of St. Gregory the Wonderworker
Against Apollinaris
On the Birth of Christ
On the Song of Songs

Homily No. 1: On the Resurrection

No. 3

Dialogue Against Vigilantius
On Monogamy
Against Helvidius on the Perpetual Virginity
In Evangelium Matthaei
Homilia in Joannem
Against Jovinianus
Against the Pelagians
In die dominica Paschae
Homily on the Nativity of God

No. 95: On Obedience

Tracts on the Psalms
No. 66
No. 77
No. 96

The Translation of Origen’s Two Homilies on Song of Songs
The Book on Hebrew Names
The Book on the Sites and Names of Hebrew Places


Books of Solomon

No. 15, To Pope Damasus
No. 16, To Pope Damasus
No. 19, from Pope Damasus
No. 20, To Pope Damasus
No. 21, To Pope Damasus
No. 22
No. 25, To Marcella
No. 26, To Marcella
No. 29, To Marcella
No. 30, To Paula
No. 35, from Pope Damasus
No. 36, To Pope Damasus
No. 37, To Marcella
No. 63, To Theophilus
No. 64, To Fabiola
No. 65, To Principia
No. 72, To Vitalis
No. 73, To Evangelus
No. 74, To Rufinus of Rome
No. 78, To Fabiola
No. 87, from Theophilus to Jerome
No. 88, To Theophilus
No. 93, from the Bishops of Palestine to Theophilus
No. 94, from Dionysius to Theophilus
No. 96, from Theophilus
No. 98, from Theophilus
No. 100, from Theophilus
No. 101, from Augustine
No. 102, To Augustine
No. 103, To Augustine
No. 104, from Augustine
No. 105, To Augustine
No. 106, To Sunnias and Fretela
No. 110, from Augustine
No. 111, from Augustine to Praesidius
No. 112, To Augustine
No. 114, from Augustine

No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4

No. 5
No. 24


No. 74
No. 75
No. 99
No. 117
No. 140
No. 141
No. 142
No. 143
No. 145
No. 146
No. 148
No. 175

On the Nicene Creed
On the Mother of God and on the Nativity

No. 1
No. 2
No. 4
No. 5
No. 6

Against Heresies

On the Annunciation to the Mother of God and Against the Impious Arius

Fifth Century

POPE LEO THE GREAT (September 29, 400-August, 440)
No. 1, To the Bishop of Aquileia
No. 2, To Septimus, Bishop of Altinum
No. 3, from Paschasinus, Bishop of Lilybaeum
No. 4, To the Bishops of Campania, Picenum, Etruria, etc.
No. 5, To the Metropolitan Bishops of Illyricum
No. 6, To Anastasius, Bishop of Thessalonica
No. 7, To the Bishops Throughout Italy
No. 8, The Ordinance of Valentinian III on the Manicheans
No. 9, To Dioscorus, Bishop of Alexandria
No. 10, To the Bishops of the Province of Vienne
No. 11, An Ordinance of Valentinianus III
No. 12, To the Bishops of Mauritania, Caesariensis in Africa
No. 13, To the Metropolitan Bishops in Illyricum
No. 14, To Anastasius, Bishops of Thessalonica
No. 17, To All the Bishops of Sicily
No. 18, To Januarius, Bishop of Aquileia
No. 19, To Dorus, Bishops of Beneventium
No. 20, To Eutyches, an Abbot of Constantinople
No. 21, from Eutyches to Leo
No. 22, from Bishop Flavian of Constantinople to Leo
No. 23, To Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 24, To Theodosius Augustus II
No. 25, from Peter Chrysologus, Bishop of Ravenna, to Eutyches
No. 26, from Flavian to Leo
No. 27, To Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 29, To Theodosius Augustus
No. 30, To Pulcheria Augusta
No. 32, To the Archimandrites of Constantinople
No. 33, To the Synod of Ephesus
No. 34, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 36, To Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 37, To Theodosius Augustus
No. 38, To Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 39, To Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 40, To the Bishops of the Province of Arles in Gaul
No. 41, to Ravennius, Bishop of Arles
No. 42, To Ravennius, Bishop of Arles
No. 43, To Theodosius Augustus
No. 45, To Pulcheria Augusta
No. 46, from Hilary to Pulcheria Augusta
No. 47, To Anastasius, Bishop of Thessalonica
No. 48, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 49, To Flavian, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 50, To the People of Constantinople
No. 51, To Faustus, et al, of Constantinople
No. 52, from Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus, to Leo
No. 53, from Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople, to Leo
No. 54, To Theodosius Augustus
No. 60, To Pulcheria Augusta
No. 61, To Martinus and Faustus, Presbyters
No. 65, from the Bishops of the Province of Arles
No. 66, To the Bishops of the Province of Arles
No. 67, To Ravennius, Bishops of Arles
No. 70, To Pulcheria Augusta
No. 71, To the Archimandrites of Constantinople
No. 72, To Faustus, an Archimandrite of Constantinople
No. 73, from Valentinian and Marcian
No. 74, To Martinus, an Archimandrite of Constantinople
No. 75, To Faustus and Martinus
No. 76, from Marcianus Augustus to Leo
No. 77, from Pulcheria Augusta to Leo
No. 78, to Marcianus
No. 81, To Bishop Julian
No. 83, To Marcian Augustus
No. 84, To Pulcheria of Augusta
No. 86, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 87, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 89, To Marcian Augustus
No. 90, To Marcian Augustus
No. 91, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 92, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 93, To the Synod of Chalcedon
No. 94, To Marcian Augustus
No. 98, from the Synod of Chalcedon to Leo
No. 99, from Ravennius and Other Gallic Bishops
No. 100, from the Emperor Marcian
No. 101, from Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 102, To the Gallic Bishops
No. 103, To the Gallic Bishops
No. 104, To Marcian Augustus

No. 105, To Pulcheria Augusta
No. 106, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 107, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 108, To Theodore, Bishop of Forum Julii
No. 110, from Marcian Augustus
No. 111, To Marcian Augustus
No. 112, To Pulcheria Augusta
No. 114, To the Bishops Assembled in Synod at Chalcedon
No. 115, To Marcian Augustus
No. 116, To Pulcheria Augusta

No. 118, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 119, To Maximus, Bishop of Antioch
No. 120, To Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus
No. 121, To Marcian Augustus
No. 122, Julian the Bishop
No. 123, To Eudocia Augusta
No. 124, To the Monks of Palestine
No. 125, To Julian the Bishop
No. 126, To Marcian Augustus
No. 127, To Julian, Bishop of Cos

No. 128, To Marcian Augustus
No. 129, To Proterius, Bishop of Alexandria
No. 130, To Marcian Augustus
No. 131, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 132, from Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople, to Leo
No. 133, from Proterius, Bishop of Alexandria, to Leo
No. 134, To Marcian Augustus
No. 135, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 136, To Marcian Augustus
No. 137, To Marcian Augustus

No. 138, To the Bishops of Gaul and Spain
No. 139, To Juvenal, Bishop of Jerusalem
No. 140, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 141, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 142, To Marcian Augustus
No. 143, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 144, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 145, To Leo Augustus
No. 146, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 147, To Julian, Bishop of Cos, and Aetius, the Presbyter

No. 148, To Leo Augustus
No. 149, To Basil, Bishop of Antioch
No. 150, To Euxitheus, Bishop of Thessalonica
No. 151, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 152, To Julian, Bishop of Cos
No. 153, To Aetius, Presbyter of Constantinople
No. 154, To the Egyptian Bishops
No. 155, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 156, To Leo Augustus
No. 157, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople

No. 158, To the Catholic Bishops of Egypt Sojourning in Constantinople
No. 160, To the Catholic Bishops of Egypt Sojourning in Constantinople
No. 161, To the Presbyters, Deacons, and Clergy of Constantinople
No. 162, To Leo Augustus
No. 163, To Anatolius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 164, To Leo Augustus
No. 165, To Leo Augustus
No. 166, To Neo, Bishop of Ravenna
No. 168, To All the Bishops of Campania, Samnium, and Picenum
No. 169, To Leo Augustus
No. 170, To Gennadius, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 172, To the Presbyters and Deacons of the Church of Alexandria
No. 173, To Certain Egyptian Bishops

No. 3: Delivered on the Anniversary of His Pontificate
No. 21
No. 22
No. 24
No. 26
No. 28
No. 29
No. 82: On the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul (June 29)
No. 84: Concerning the Neglect of the Commemoration
No. 85: On the Feast of St. Laurence the Martyr (August 10)

First Synod of Toledo (c. 400)
Symbolum Tolentanum I; Libellus in modum symboli

Commonitory for the Antiquity and Universality of the Catholic Faith (434)

To Peter on the Faith

On the Forgiveness of Sins
To Euthymius, Book I
To Euthymius, Book II

To Monimus
Book I
Book II
Book III

No. 8, To Donatus
No. 12, To Ferrandus
No. 14, To Ferrandus

No. 2: A Suggestion About Reading
No. 10: On the Catholic Faith
No. 16: The Qualities of Good and Bad Questions
No. 53: The Shrines of Idols Should be Destroyed
No. 57: On Remaining Aware of the Judgment
No. 62: On Repentance
No. 66: The Saints and the Ancient Fathers on Repentance
No. 76: On Genuflecting, or Bowing the Head at the Blessing
No. 80: On Making Greater Efforts to Pray in Church
No. 201: Reproof for the People to be Read at the Creed
No. 202: On the Lord’s Supper
No. 203: On the Lord’s Pasch
No. 230: On the Consecration of a Bishop

Carmen Paschale
Easter Homily
Homily No. 4
Hymn No. 2: In Praise of the Divine Motherhood


No. 14
No. 36

No. 67
No. 108
No. 199

The “Akathist” Hymn

Sixth Century

POPE GREGORY THE GREAT (September 3, 590-March 12, 604)
In I Regum

Book III
Book IV

Letters, Book I
No. 1, To All the Bishops of Sicily
No. 3, To Paul, Scholasticus
No. 4, To John, Bishop of Constantinople
No. 7, To Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch
No. 9, To Peter the Subdeacon
No. 10, To Bacauda and Agnellus, Bishops
No. 11, To Clementina, Patrician
No. 12, To John, Bishop of Urbs Vetus
No. 16, To Severus, Bishop of Aquileia
No. 17, To All the Bishops of Italy
No. 19, To Natalis, Bishop of Salona
No. 21, To Natalis, Bishop of Salona
No. 25, To John, Bishop of Constantinople, and Other Patriarchs
No. 26, To Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch
No. 27, To Anastasius, Archbishop of Corinth
No. 28, To Sebastian, Bishop of Rhisinum
No. 29, To Aristobulus, Ex-Prefect and Antigraphus
No. 33, To Romanus, Patrician, and Exarch of Italy
No. 35, To Peter, Bishop of Terracina
No. 39, To Anthemius, Subdeacon
No. 40, To Peter, Subdeacon
No. 43, To Leander, Bishop of Hispalis (Seville)
No. 51, To Peter, Subdeacon
No. 57, To Severus, Bishop
No. 61, To Bennadius, Patrician and Exarch of Africa
No. 75, To Gennadius, Patrician and Exarch of Africa
No. 77, To All the Bishops of Numidia

Letters, Book II
No. 51, To All Bishops
No. 54, from Saint Licinianus to Gregory

Letters, Book III
No. 30, To John, Subdeacon
No. 53, To John, Bishop

Letters, Book IV
No. 21, To Venantius, Bishop
No. 29, To Januarius, Bishop

Letters, Book V
No. 18, To John, Bishop
No. 19, To Sabinianus, Deacon
No. 20, To Mauricius Augustus
No. 25, To Severus, Bishop
No. 26, To the People of Ravenna

Letters, Book VI
No. 32, To Fortunatus, Bishop

Letters, Book VIII
No. 2, To Anastasius, Bishop of Antioch
No. 13, To Columbus
No. 17, To Mauentius
No. 18, To Agnellus, Bishop of Terracina
No. 20, To Marinianus, Bishop of Ravenna
No. 21, To John, Bishop of Syracuse
No. 34, To John, Bishop of Scyllacium

Letters, Book IX
No. 5, to Marcellus, Pro-Consul of Dalmatia
No. 6, To Januarius, Bishop of Caralis
No. 49, To Anastasius, Bishop of Antioch
No. 55, To Fantinus, Guardian of Panormus
No. 61, Rechared, King of the Goths, to Gregory
No. 68, To Eusebius of Thessalonica
No. 78, To Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria
No. 82, To Anatolius, Constantinopolitan Deacon

Letters, Book X
No. 35, To Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria

Letters, Book XII
No. 50, To Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria

Letters, Book XIII
No. 7, To Theoderic, King of the Franks
No. 12, To Paschasius, Bishop of Neapolis (Naples)
No. 18, To Certain Bishops of Sicily
No. 38, To Emperor Phocas
No. 39, To Empress Leontia
No. 40, To Cyriacus, Patriarch of Constantinople
No. 41, To Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria
No. 42, To Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria

Exposition of the Orthodox Faith

On Difficulties in Sacred Scripture: The Responses to Thalassios
Question 27

Redemptoris Mater
On Christmas
On the Birth of Mary
On the Annunciation
On the Presentation
Mary at the Cross

Historia Francorum
Libri Miraculorum

Carmina miscellanea
In laudem sanctae Mariae
Quem terra, pontus, sidera

De ortu et obitu Patrum
Quaestiones in Genesim
De ecclesiasticis officiis

Seventh Century

Canon on the Nativity
Penitential Canon for the First Thursday of Lent
On the Veneration of Sacred Images

On Mary’s Nativity, No. 3
On Mary’s Nativity, No. 4

On the Nativity, No. 1
On the Nativity, No. 3
On the Dormition, No. 1
On the Dormition, No. 2
On the Dormition, No. 3

On the Divine Liturgy

Letter to John of Sinada
Letter to Thomas of Claudiopolis

On the Dormition, No. 1
On the Dormition, No. 2
On the Dormition, No. 3
Homily for the Liberation of Constantinople
Homily on the Cincture

Homily on the Nativity
On the Dormition, No. 1
On the Dormition, No. 2
On the Dormition, No. 3