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Becoming Catholic #7: The Day of Judgment, and Works, Part 1

Ever since I’ve been a Christian, these examples always caused me great consternation—they do so still.  I cannot get around Jesus’ words: my deeds are inextricably linked with the Day of Judgment, upon whose outcome I will enter eternal paradise, or eternal damnation.  Either Jesus is right, or “faith alone” is wrong.  He could not be clearer—first century peasants could not have been in doubt as to what He was saying, nor can we.

And we’re not even done with Matthew.

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Faith of the Founders #1: George Washington and America's Divine Shot at Glory

Many are familiar with the Farewell Address of President George Washington.  But fewer people are familiar with Washington’s first “farewell address,” namely the farewell he thought would be his final public one. I refer to his 1783 Circular to the State Governments…In general, while Washington gave his advice on specific policies, the Circular is full of admonition for Americans to recognize that they had been given a truly unique opportunity by God, and they best not waste it.

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