Feminism Exposed



NOTE: Yes, there’s a good deal of satire in here.

The Kavanaugh saga proves what rational people already know: contemporary third-wave feminists don’t want equality between the sexes. If they did, they’d be fine with men treating women the same way they treat other men.  But they aren’t.

In fact, when men treat women exactly like they treat other men (brutishly, sarcastically, and with zero sensitivity), they say that is sexist—proving equality is not on their minds. They are borrowing from a past, largely Christian world in which women were supposed to be treated by men in a better, a more genteel, a more polite fashion.  At the same time, they castigate that world as the world of “the patriarchy.” They desire the fruits of Christian civilization while destroying its roots.  There is thus a schizophrenia at the very heart of modern feminism.

I repeat: the vast majority of contemporary feminists do not care one bit about equality between the sexes.  They in fact do object to men treating women exactly as they treat other men (i.e., equally). They want men to treat women differently.

Misstated Desires

In the Kavanaugh hearings themselves, first the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) chided the idea that “old white men” would be interrogating the terrified, helpless Dr. Ford (inequality).  But then the “old white men” decided to bring in a female sex-crimes prosecutor (who turned out to be utterly pleasant) to question her (equality).  And how did the media respond?  “Sexism!” they argued.  These old white guys were bringing in a female to question another female!  This was, of course, heresy in the age of #BelieveAllWomen. 

See how disingenuous the whole thing was?  Here’s the rough sequence for this, and many other such events in our society: complain about inequality—obtain equality—complain about equality—back to inequality again.  It’s almost as if these feminists can’t make up their minds (how feminine of them)!

Trump’s Equal-Opportunity Insults

This has been confirmed in the hysterical reactions to President Trump’s mocking of Dr. Christine Ford.  The headlines from outlets like CNN say some version of “President Attacks a Woman,” and he is once again castigated for a supposedly singular hatred, or disdain, for women. 

But is this not the President that attacks men with equal, arguably greater ferocity?  Is this not the man who attacked John McCain’s war service because he was captured?  Is this not the man who accused “Lyin’s Ted’s” father of being involved in the Kennedy assassination?  Is this not the man who openly attacked Rand Paul’s looks, “Little Marco’s” water-bottle-moment, and Jeb Bush’s “low energy”?  Is this not the President that has repeatedly attacked his political enemies on Twitter, no matter their sex?

Of course he is.  Which makes the “he’s attacking a woman!” shriek all the less convincing.  Embedded in that complaint are one of two things, and possibly both: (1) ignorance of the omnisexual, indeed omnigender reach of the President’s rhetoric toward his opponents; and/or (2) a belief that women are entitled to better treatment than men.

And yet, this is precisely what is denied by modern feminism.  “How dare you treat men and women differently!” they cry hysterically (yes, hysterically).  And yet that’s exactly what they expect when push comes to shove.  Trump, Kavanaugh, the “old white men” in the Senate, any man, could treat a woman exactly the same as he’d treat any other man, and as surely as the sun sets, he will be accused of sexism, misogyny, or some other pathology that in fact finds its origins in a female brain that does not know what it wants.

Women Actually Should Be Treated Better

But here’s the thing: I actually agree with the feminists (in principle).  I do think men should treat women differently, even better, than they treat other men. That’s because I don’t believe in equality. I believe in treating women better.  Period.  I don’t say I support X while expecting Y.  I support X, and I expect X: men, treat women better than you treat guys.  Period.

My worldview allows for such consistency.  That worldview includes the belief that men were created to be protectors, guardians, and shields for women, against both the challenges of this life, and—quite frankly—other men.  As a Catholic, I believe the single greatest human being ever created was in fact a woman.  Her name is Mary, and She’s not only the Mother of the Messiah, but the Queen of Heaven.  I adore and reverence Her above any other creature (which She is).  She is the ideal Christian, the ideal woman, the ideal human being (insofar as She lacks a Divine nature, as Jesus had).

Thus, it isn’t a stretch of logic for me to reverence the everyday women in my life in a way I simply don’t grant to men.  I am a huge believer in friendship, and have male friends who are like brothers.  I’d do anything for them.  But we don’t treat each like we’d treat women.  We treat each other far worse.  We’re rough.  We’re sarcastic, caustic, and insulting.  That is the essence of male affection. 

And yet, the average western man—the bearer of the radioactive aftermath of the Christ-event 2,000 years ago—still behaves as if, even if he no longer believes it to be so, that women should never be treated like men.  Dudes are dudes—women are not.  That’s precisely why we like them so much.  And that’s precisely why (ideally), in a world formed by 2,000 years of Christianity, we continue to take it for granted that women are entitled to more than men.  Yes, even the feminists can’t extricate themselves from this patriarchal filth!  If the old white men are racists no matter what they do, it would seem as if the hysterical belligerent feminists are sexists no matter what they nag.

Feminists Don’t Want Equality

Thus, when modern feminists attack men for treating women exactly like they treat other men, they show that their cries for “equality” are in fact empty and hollow.  Once they plant the flag of victory on the newly minted level playing field, they complain that they lack a hill to do it on.

Contemporary feminists say they want “equality,” but in practice what they expect is for men to bow down to their own version of female chauvinism.

My answer, and the answer of all decent men, should be a firm “no.”

So if, in this Age of Misstated Desires, you are a man, and a feminist requests that you treat her equally, the same as any other man, politely respond as follows:

“My dear, I must refuse. Despite your vigorous attempts to merit the opposite, I must insist on treating you better than any mere man.”