Stupid Women, Cowardly Men

Making Wisdom Popular

I’ve heard many comments from many men over the years—mostly married, but increasingly long-term live-in boyfriends—that either imply, or directly state, that the reason they put up with the most insane behavior and ridiculous nonsense from their wives/girlfriends is because of the sex. They want sex, so they accept the principle of the absurd into their families and households.

This surrender of men to female passions and will, while supposedly desired by the ladies, is in realty hated by most of them. While outwardly content with the pusillanimity of their husbands, most inwardly despise them for it.

The man’s lack of self-control encourages a like decrepitude in his woman, namely manipulation. Her manipulation in turn encourages the baser instincts of her man. A woman wants to be loved, a man wants to be respected. But when the mere pleasure of sex—apart from its procreative and relational aspects—becomes the priority, it makes both immeasurably worse. What should be a dynamic of love becomes a dynamic of exploitation.

There is zero doubt that contraception aids and abets this phenomenon. It appeals to the absolute worst instincts in both men and women—women to manipulate their man, and men to use their woman for their own base pleasure. Both exploiting the other.

Love not required.

I think this is a huge reason why so many women these days are so irrational, verging toward stupid; and so many men are weak, if not complete cowards when it comes to their sexual and familial behavior. They surrender, because their loins are priority uno. Women, instead of expecting selfless love and protection from their men, are content to manipulate them, violating the innermost core of their feminine nature. Men, instead of expecting selfless devotion and respect from their women, are content to receive occasional orgasms from them, violating the innermost core of their masculine nature. This in turn drives women mad—it makes them stupid. It likewise turns men weak—it makes them cowards.

I’ve asked many of the older women in my life (mid-50’s and up) if woman always used to be as many are now—shrill, utterly feelings driven (to the point of irrationality—see the “Fat Shaming” movement, and the attempt to make obesity into beauty, an example of the very worst sort of feminine self-affirmation, a crude parody of unconditional maternal love). “Absolutely not” virtually every single one of them claims. Likewise, we know for a fact that young men are working less, marrying less, have wildly lower sperm counts than their fathers and grandfathers, and are consuming porn at record levels—which means they are masturbating at record levels, which means they have merely applied the contraceptive mentality to themselves as individuals as well. They have accepted the lie that their body is theirs for their own self-willing, that the pleasure of sexual gratification can be divorced from procreation and intimate relationship with another human being. They in turn emasculate themselves by engaging in a mock parody of the marital act. When actually married, they are already accustomed to putting their own pleasure above the good of the other person—including themselves. The pattern continues in marriage.

All these things flow into and contribute to each other.

As a single man, I observe these things very carefully, and I’m constantly asking for people’s insights and advice, as well as anecdotes about their own experience. You also read about these sorts of dynamics in history (including the Bible), and they are also suggested by plain common sense.

Modern men and women have forgotten this beautiful reality: God created the sexes for a dynamic of love, not exploitation. This applies to all aspects of their common life—including, perhaps especially, sex. They are made for each other. Love is the willing (feelings irrelevant) of the good of another. On the whole, we as a society are doing virtually nothing to inculcate and encourage this dynamic of love between men and women. As a result, women have become stupid, and men have become cowards. Modern feminism has encouraged women to be like men. In reality, they’ve just become far worse women. The coeval effect has been to encourage men to be more like women (“toxic masculinity,” softness, constant self-affirmation, etc.). In reality, they’ve just become far worse men. And when the sexes become worse versions of themselves, they put off the other sex—no matter how much they shriek to the contrary.

We have taught the sexes to do little more than exploit each other. We therefore have zero right to be surprised that they increasingly despise each other.